Unforgettable experiences in Djursland

Dronningens Ferieby is located in the heart of nature, with activities right on its doorstep. Djursland offers a wealth of attractions and excursion options. In Grenaa, you’ll find the Kattegatcenter, Grenaa swimming pool with hot water tub and sauna, Grenaa Nature School, which organises various open events, Grenaa Bowling Centre, Grenaa Marina, the commercial port and excellent shopping opportunities.

On the wild side in Djursland

Nature and wildlife

  • Norddjurs Nature Centre – Klithuset
  • Engsøen wetlands, Grenaa
  • Fishing platform, Grenaa River
  • The dam at Fannerup
  • Fornæs Lighthouse
  • Nature playground with barbecue area and shelters, Kulsøvej
  • Nature and Grenå Plantage

All these attractions have good accessibility

Djurs Sommerland – the largest amusement park in the Nordic region

Are you ready for high-speed adventures, fun and games for the whole family? Come and experience Denmark’s biggest roller coasters, the huge waterworld and more than 60 thrilling rides for children – of all ages!

Buy discounted tickets from Dronningens Ferieby.



Try Denmark’s biggest roller coasters and more than 60 amusements for children – of all ages! – at Djurs Sommerland, which also happens to be the largest amusement park in the Nordic region. Get up close and personal with the fascinating animal world at Scandinavian Wildlife Park, Ree Safari Park, Kattegatcenter or Munkholm Zoo, a friendly family-run zoo suitable for wheelchair users and families with young children. Or visit the Green Museum and Gammel Estrup and learn about life in ‘the olden days’. The area’s attractions are almost queuing up for your visit. Ask Feriebyen’s reception for more information about discount deals.


Have your snapshots displayed at Dronningens Ferieby

Can you take a perfect snapshot? If so, you stand a chance of having it exhibited at Dronningens Ferieby. Upload your photo to this Dropbox folder, and we’ll develop it and hang it up in our PhotoWalk for the holiday centre’s guests to enjoy.


Pearly white bathing beaches

Just a stone’s throw from the holiday chalets you’ll find Djursland’s best bathing beach, with space to play or relax to the sound of the ocean waves. Or why not jump into the briny blue if the weather’s right? The beach is accessible to users with reduced mobility, and the bathing jetty is fitted with a ramp so everyone can dip their toes in the Kattegat.

Group activities

We offer a wide variety of activities. We have planned a wide range of activity breaks at Dronningens Ferieby for the autumn of 2021. As soon as we have new dates, we’ll post them here.


Accessible outdoor space

Our holiday centre has accessibility factored into all solutions. Your disability or aid is no obstacle here – neither indoors nor out, since the area around the holiday chalets is designed with accessibility in mind. The area from the parking space in front of the holiday chalet is paved up to and all around the unit. The holiday homes are situated in scenic surroundings near woods, towns and beaches. Enjoy the magnificent chalk-white cliffs and the sea breeze in your hair, because the accessible beach guarantees everyone a great experience.

Indoor and outdoor activities

All our accessible holiday chalets are situated in charming natural surroundings in Jutland, with easy access to loads of activities and opportunities for groups, couples and singles alike. For example, there is easy access to outdoor fitness pavilions, playgrounds and a bouncy pillow as well as hiking, mountain bike and jogging trails.